Retraining Negative Thoughts?

I’m wondering how you guys have, or are working to, retrain your brains. For the longest time, most of my life actually, to every effect my disorders and not my upbringing, I’ve had a complex in my brain. This complex was I was never good enough, I was a failure, I never did anything right. Doing the littlest thing wrong, for example, spilling something can absolutely send me off the edge. I feel as if I am a bother to people as well. One of the most used words in my vocabulary is “I’m trying”, as if to cushion the blow if I don’t get something right or can’t do it. My brain will twist something simple into something massive, or something it isn’t. I’m planning on working with my therapist on this but I’d like to hear from you guys, as well.
Retraining Negative Thoughts?
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