How afraid are you of Covid 19 (Coronavirus)?

Yesterday saw the 1st case in my country but while that's confirmed, I'm sure there are many unconfirmed as a result. I have seen many varying reactions from friends and colleagues. Some are terrified and looking to stock up on canned food in case of lockdown. Others (like me) see it rationally. It's only 1 case and in time this thing is going to spread worldwide anyway. Take the proper precautions and if you do contract it, your chances of dying are still very low. What are your thoughts? Terrified? Scared? Worried? Concerned? Dont care? Barman, bottle of Corona please? 😉

Added a poll for fun but it's all or nothing, scared or not.
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4 mo
Very few worried it seems. I'm the same. If it becomes an epidemic, I will be a bit afraid for my parents as they are in the vulnerable age bracket but as both are retired, would not need to go out in an epidemic state apart from shopping which myself and my siblings could do. Both are in decent health also. Things like this, the hysteria and fear from the public can be more dangerous than the virus.
4 mo
First case confirmed in the east of my country. I'm in the east of my country but not worried really. If I get it, so be it. It will effect most people worldwide anyway so get it, hopefully shake it off
How afraid are you of Covid 19 (Coronavirus)?
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