How can I cheer myself up in these hard times?

These past couple weeks have been horrible for me. It all started when my mum got a phone call about her cousin killing himself whos had a long history of depression and alcoholism. Seeing my mum cry broke my heart and knowing what my family are through right now is really crushing my spirit, feel so bad for my great auntie having to go through this.

Then i got told at work i was at risk of being made redundant as they've sold all my dance floors and event furniture off to another company that i work with and that they'd try their best to find me something else. I was so scared as soon as i got out my meeting i rang my mum and burst into tears. Giving everything with the coronavirus any chance for me staying at my work has gone as its in the event industry and were all basically FUCKED. Every job I've applied for has been rejected and no one is employing right now given everything going on.

My boss lied to me as well he told me for months he wasn't going to make me redundant and that i had a job for life at his company now he won't even talk or look at me. I understand he's got a business to run but i feel utterly betrayed by him giving I've worked extremely hard for his company for the past two years with no real reward besides getting paid minimum wage from him every month whilst he has idiots who work for him still who he should be getting rid of but won't because their his friends.

I can tell my manager feels extremely guilty as he keeps asking me how i am and looks more depressed than myself. He even insisted to my boss i get redundancies pay for all the hard work I've done which is something they rarely do for staff that haven't worked over 3 years at their company so on the bright side i can live on that far a little while.

The one thing that was keeping me staying positive was knowing i wad going on holiday to Spain soon but even thats been cancelled now. And my birthday is coming up soon to and its looking like im gonna have to spend it locked up indoors.
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Gotta go to my second cousins funeral soon so seeing all my family in Skegness will be nice at least just not nice reason to visit
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Not going to the funeral now and lost my job today. My boyfriend said he's gonna take me out to see owls 🦉 on Thursday to cheer me up
How can I cheer myself up in these hard times?
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