Why do I feel bloated?

I have been experiencing bloating for months now, I eat 1400 cals a day. I exercise 3 hours a day, I eat a balanced diet, most of which is fruit and veg. I don't drink anything other than water, I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't worried. I get painful trapped gas too in my intestine, it hurts a lot. I can't go to the doctors because of the virus, but can some tell why I am getting bloated.
Also, any tips on how to get rid of it will be helpful. Also, I have already cut out all the possible cause of bloating, I read about online. Still didn't work, I have since cut out all grain/dairy/meats. I am currently eating veg and fruit, as it's the only thing that is helping. I don't know what is causing it, so I feel like I can't eat anything. I would mind feeling bloated, If it didn't have side affects. I have gained, 7lbs in 2 weeks eating less than ever. I have painful gas and cramps, which cause nausea, and fatigue. I can't sleep at night because, my stomach is bubbling and it feel uncomfortable. I need help, please help.
Why do I feel bloated?
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