Food and groceries hoarders, please stop hoarding?

Ever since people started buying stupid levels of toilet paper, the hoarders are now over buying on: toilet paper, disinfectant, soap of any kind, all tinned food, all rice, all pasta, all jars of sauces, all fresh food, all paper towels, toothpaste, female sanitary products, first aid products such as but not limited to bandaids, and the list just keeps on going!! People in Australia will not die from the virus, they will die from lack of food and hygiene products. Myself, I have no meat or cleaning products. No store in my state has any. This is not the government's fault, it's the hoarders fault for buying 1 years worth of groceries in 3 weeks. This is ridiculous. Please stop the hoarding, and please let's start looking out for each other. In particular we need to look after the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. Just please stop hoarding.
Food and groceries hoarders, please stop hoarding?
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