How easy or difficult is it for you to focus?

How are your powers of concentration?
Have they gotten better or worse? Since when? Why do you think?
He scares me.
He scares me.
Who says acts arent awesome.
Who says acts aren't awesome.
Mine have definitely gotten worse. I'm not sure why. I have theories. Probably a combination of age, stress/being worn down from past experiences, and influence of technology. What the proprotion is of those three, I have no idea.
I have laser focus. I'm half human, half finely--tuned machine.
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Eh. So-so. I'm better than before.
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Eh. So-so. I'm worse than before.
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I'm a hot mess. I'm like the dogs portrayed in Pixar's 'Up.' Any little thing and I'm like, "Squirrel!!"
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3 mo
This is a good piece of information I like to pass along...

 For every 3 min an office worker is disturbed, it takes a full 23 min for them to fully regain their concentration. This is called Switch Cost.

Focus is really the lynch pin of productivity. Packing people in like sardines drops productivity.
In studies, rats placed in cages closer and closer together become more aggressive.
How easy or difficult is it for you to focus?
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