Anyone else grumpy?

I'm feeling grumpy from isolation.
I know that is whiny.
It completely is.

I don't want to learn a life lesson from this.

Or have a spiritual awakening,

I'm not good at making lemonade out of lemons.

There are too many people out without social distancing skills so going out is a pain.

And I'm pissed half the time at the President for being out of his frickin mind, I really think he has dementia.

I've been diligent about not going out but it seems over half of people in my state aren't. I drove my car around the block last night which I try to do about every 3 days and the Sonic drive in across the field from my house had cars lined up in the individual stalls and we have a stay at home county order.

I'm grumpy, sad and sometimes I can laugh.
I hate being this grumpy. I'm generally very content being a home body.
Anyone else grumpy?
Post Note: 3 more weeks of stay at home. I know it is for the best. I wouldn't feel so grumpy if I thought more people were actually being careful who didn't have to go out for essential jobs. I'm lucky to have an adult child with me so I'm not completely alone.
1 y
Thanks for the responses. I know being grumpy is a minor inconvenience. I think my GI tract was off yesterday. I was in the process of working toward a surgery that doesn't have to be done immediately but I was hoping soon. It leaves me feeling physically and emotionally grumpy sometimes.
1 y
I'm in for the long haul. Haven't been out except to run my car around the neighborhood to keep the battery charged & maybe 4 walks since 3/25. Hard to walk since too many people out. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get some more supplies since the stay at home is until the end of April and my state's cases are getting pretty high. The last time I grocery shopped was March 23. A friend bought some milk, apples, some canned fruit, and a bag a chips for us a couple weeks ago.
Anyone else grumpy?
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