I feel SO depressed during lockdown, anyone else?

I have a terrible migraine, I’ve been getting cluster headaches. It’s 5.31am in England and I have not fallen asleep yet.

My sleeping pattern has gotten beyond messed up - yesterday I fell asleep at 11am and woke up at 4pm and the day before I didn’t fall asleep at all but had a nap from 6pm-7pm.

I have not left my house in over a month at all and I feel suffocated. I am currently living with so many people under one roof and it is makung me feel more suffocated. So there is a mother, a stepperson whom I hate, my sister, my two brothers and myself all locked up going crazy in a small amount of space.

I feel so irritable everyday and there is nothing to do! I hate this stupid lockdown. When will life go back to normal? WHEN CAN I HAVE MY SPACE BACK?

ps I am sharing one room with my three siblings so you can imagine how cramped the situation is right? I’m so so depressed. I will never take freedom for granted again.
I feel SO depressed during lockdown, anyone else?
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