Do you think it was a good reason to get an opartion?

I was a 95 DD. When I was in middle school. I started regularly and one morning at 9 years old I was a 95 B, then it grew and grew,... It's a common "problem" in my family. When I got operated I was 15. I was bullied, kids said they didn't like my face, my body except my boobs. Girls kept spreading rumors about me getting implants, being pregnant,... Horrible stuff. I didn't talk to my parents about it, so I wrapped myself in bandages around my breasts. It ended terribly wrong, always. Then one day a guy at school grobed my boobs and I freaked. It lasted for a few minutes, then other guys came but the headmaster came and called my parents. That's when they knew my problem. My dad is a doctor in a hospital and in the hospital there was a plastic surgeon, he agreed to operate me if I loose a bit of weight. That summer I went from a 95 DD to a 95 C. And even though it was painful and I fainted a lot of times when I saw my new silhouette I think it was worth it. The only thing I am afraid is that my daughter (s) will have the same "disease" breast enlargement.
Do you think it was a good reason to get an opartion?
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