Frontline Worker: Should I get tested for Covid 19?

I work on a Covid 19 unit so I am exposed to the virus more than the average person.
I have an appointment to get tested for the Corona virus tomorrow at a Health care facility.
A close friend of mine advised me not to go because I am further exposing myself to the virus.
Do you think it's worth getting tested if I am not displaying any of the classic symptoms?
Keep in mind, I could be asymptomatic.
I just wanted to know my current status but considering my circumstance (with constant exposure---could test negative today and be positive within a few weeks) it may be pointless.
I will come to a decision by the end of today.

**A good amount of the workers at my facility feel they may have already contracted the virus but are taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread to our patients (such as wearing proper PPE and hand washing).
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Frontline Worker: Should I get tested for Covid 19?
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