Am I wrong for not supporting their business?

So today I saw my doctor, I have 2 different doctors.

Today I saw Doctor “O”
This was my first time seeing him.

He sent my prescriptions to a random pharmacy, after I specifically told him I wanted them sent to the pharmacy closer to my home, he didn’t listen.

This pharmacy ran by his family or whatever.

The building is horrible.
it looks like someone’s living room filled with shelves of medicine.
They didn’t even have all of my medicine. they said they’d order it & hand deliver it to me tomorrow.

I wanted my medicine today, now I’ve got to wait on this person tomorrow...
I don’t like this..

I understand it, but I can’t support it..
it’s too difficult for me, I’m a permit driver I can’t come this far & my mom is sick she can’t keep coming out

Not only that I don’t even like my doctor.
I like my other one..

Am I wrong for feeling this way
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Am I wrong for not supporting their business?
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