Have you ever experienced a crazy dr visit?

So went to the dr well the clinic since my dr office is still close to see if I have a uti or yeast infection because I been urinating a lot and abdominal pain and lower back pain. The lady was talking about ooo your pulse is high I'm like yeah dr office gives me anxiety she was like it's really high I'm like yes I know I have anxiety. So she bust out "Are you pregnant?" I'm like ugh no I took a pregnancy test a day prior and it was negative plus I just came off my cycle which I told the nurse. I was like this lady here just wasn't paying attention to what the nurse wrote down and she was like okay well we found a little bit of blood in your urine so we're going to give you this for your uti then said something about watch out for a kidney stone I'm like wtf then gave me that uncomfortable ass pap talking about I see a little bit of clear discharge (I'm like isn't that normal) then going to tell me so we're going to send it off to test for yeast, bv, and of course sti/std. I never experienced a dr visit like that I felt like she was trying to scare me and make me feel like I have/had something other than a uti. Has anyone else experienced this at dr office?
Have you ever experienced a crazy dr visit?
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