How do you feel about the coronavirus so far?

How do you guys feel about covid-19 and the handling of everyone to prevent the spread. To me I honestly feel like keeping people locked in their rooms isn't going to solve anything. Like what if this virus was something that could never be cured. You can't keep people from going outside forever. I know we can most likely have a cure one day, but how long would that take. Plus the virus is already out there. Sitting on benches, poles, trees, and basically everything. So I dont have to give it to them directly they can just touch it off of something else. And people aren't gonna wash their hands forever. They are gonna get scared and after 2020 they are gonna stop washing their hands again. What do y'all think about this?
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Look I understand why were quarantine. I know why they want us to stay at home. I don't have my head in the dirt. I personally dont agree that's all. To me you can't stop something that for the public if its already in the pubic.
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I just want to say that I have sympathy for people who are victims. I don't think I have any relatives who has the virus. I just see this as a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado.
How do you feel about the coronavirus so far?
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