Am I the only one affect by wearing a mask?

I recently got employed at a restaurant I worked at for many years. But recently I have been feeling more crappy then when I started in April/Early May. I figured out a good caffeine and sleep schedule for myself and I was really excited. I am usually tired every year at work due to a sleeping disorder. But the fact that I felt happy to be at work and more silly was showing me I did it! I figured out how to comes to work not tired and well rested.

But these past 1 to 2 weeks I am been coming home exhausted, and I am not always working the typical 40 hours. I have been wearing the mask semi religiously cause I don't want to scare costumers not wearing one, plus in NY it's required. It feel so much more relieving breathing when I pull it down when a customer walking away (I know you are not supposed to and it defeats part of the purpose touching the mask). Now I am developing headaches and I feel so tired at work. Not much has changed in my diet or sleep. What's even worse if I feel so tired and fatigued after work I don't exercise as much. Typically when the weather is nice I was run 2-5 miles.

My boss tells me I am breathing in to much carbon dioxide due to the mask and it is making me sluggish, and some other co workers have reported similar issues to mine. But I wear my mask more than them honestly.

If it is the mask then what am I supposed to do? If there other suggestion for what it could be though I am all ears.
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Been wearing a cotton bandana and it's helping so much. No more headaches and grogginess!
Am I the only one affect by wearing a mask?
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