How do I keep my diet up?

I started my diet on Tuesday and I'm already trying really hard.

Im going for two 30 minutes walks everyday and eating 3 healthy meals a day. Blue Berry yoghurt and granola for breakfast, ham and salad bagel, tomatoe soup or beans on toast for lunch just to keep it interesting and whatever my mum cooks for dinner.

Whenever im tempted to snack i drink a big bottle of water to fill myself up or flick my hair bobble on my wrist to distract from my cravings. I know dieting is also a life style change and im going bed earlier and just saying no when someone offers me cake or chocolate.

Its driving me crazy if im honest i think im having sugar withdrawls. It's only been a couple of days but feels like weeks already. Im having mood swings and fighting with my boyfriend but i really want to take this diet seriously this time as i see myself letting myself go and my own loved ones have stopped believing in me as in always saying im going on a diet and then quit.

My boyfriend used to over weight and now really takes care of his health and he's been giving me tips. He said i should only weigh myself every 3 weeks so i don't cheat at all from getting upset from not seeing results or getting over confident if i do see results and if i see results allow myself one treat after them 3 weeks.

But my motivation is all over the place and any tips or advice would be really helpful.
How do I keep my diet up?
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