Dealing with acne?

Hello, so I've been struggling with my skin for about two years now and nothing seems to be helping.

The place that has been affected the most is my right cheek, the same red spots have been there for almost a year now. Some of them are flat, and none of them are whiteheads and nothing is making them go away. I break out on my forehead and left cheek too, but since being on the pill this has been better (but the spots on my right cheek are still there!)

I do face masks 1-2 times every week, wash my face, drink lots of water, have tried a prescribed cream, and nothing. It's almost like these spots aren't even pimples, but I have no idea what else they'd be. Even when my skin is good and relatively clear, they're still there.

Any advice would be appreciated so much
Dealing with acne?
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