Girls can you help?

I’ve never really done much in the sense of a skincare routine other than just wash my face.. my skin has always been bad and I’ve been to the dr etc because of it but they didn’t really help..

Recently I have had enough of it and did some research and have gotten into a good routine of using face wash, toner, cleansers and moisturisers etc to try and get my skin under control but this has only seemed to make matters worse! I really don’t know what to do..

I seem to get most of the problems on my chin and shoulders and have been reading that this is most likely hormonal acne but I’m on contraception to help stop periods etc as I’ve always had them really bad to the point I wouldn’t stop bleeding for months and was in excruciating pain, the contraception Im on I have been on it for nearly two years and has helped with the pain and bleeding so I don’t think it’s cause this sudden flare up..

Does anyone have any advice on good skin care routines or anything that might help?

Sorry if it’s too much in formation but it’s really starting to affect me.
Girls can you help?
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