Is a minor fracture worth going to the ER over?

I kinda broke my arm, but only a little.

A small fracture in the ulnar (forearm bone on the pinkie side, the thinner and weaker of the bones in the arm) from an impact at work. At first I didn't notice anything, just kinda said "ow" and carried on. Then about half an hour later I noticed a golf ball sized lump at the point of impact. Iced it, and the swelling went down. Now, going on almost 2 weeks since the injury and there's still a hard, visible lump (the bony callus that forms over the fracture as it heals, I think. Not a doctor, but I took health class in school) though the bruising has faded. I think now it's pretty much healed on its own to the point where medical attention isn't gonna do anything, but should I get it checked out anyway? I was told if I hit it like that again (not that I would, I'm avoiding laborious physical activity with that arm) it'll probably snap completely and require surgery.
Is a minor fracture worth going to the ER over?
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