How do I stay motivated to lose weight?

im almost 20. I've never consistently worked out or went running in my life I go through phases of working out everyday for a few weeks then I just end up giving up as I don’t see results quickly. I guess I’m obviously overweight, well yeah I have a lot of fat in places it shouldn’t be. think of me as 5’9 & 229lbs I was comfortable with my weight because, of my long hair and face and outgoing character I seem to be still appealing to some guys. but I started to think im almost 20. being a “teen” is no excuse for my weight anymore

my parents are so lazy. My mother judges me and makes comments whenever I work out because she has an eating disorder but can’t work out at the level I can due to health issues. But yeah how do I stay motivated? I’ve been fat my entire life (except as a really young kid) so it’s kind of normal to hate my body and hide it whilst continuing to damage it but I want to stop.
How do I stay motivated to lose weight?
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