What is your most traumatic childhood memory?

i will go first: my dad in general. the most traumatic thing i've experienced till now probably is the one time that he was beating me till i felt like dying. I mean this happens a lot, but this one time it was different.

i got into an argument with him (my bad i know). I just was in my feelings and screamed things like 'why is he better than me?'. since my brother never gets beaten, he is the favo child. He started beating up my face, stomach and actually just everywhere. then he grabbed the belt and used that. i passed out when he threw a glass against my head. it was only for a few seconds tho. when i woke up like 10 seconds later he was still beating me and screaming things at me. pretty painful.

i was pretty scared but couldn't help to look at him with fire in my eyes. he saw that and grabbed my arm, smashed it against the tabble and broke it. i screamed in pain. he grabbed a knife and held it against my throat. he kept screaming that he would kill me. i just tried to keep silent and not move since i did not want to die. because the way he looked at me that night, i believed that he could kill me. he gladly threw the knife away, but grabbed my hair and slammed it against the floor.

i passed out again and woke up at around 3am. i mean i was happy to still be alive, but ofc my whole body hurted. and my arm was NOT good at all. after 2 hours i was able to finally stand up and walk to the couch. i did not decide to lay on it since i was covered in blood. i fell asleep and woke up at 8am when my dad came downstairs. this time he did not beat me, but he did yell at me to clean the floor (there was blood on it). i couldn't go to school for a week and had to put my arm in the right shape/treat it myself.

well to this day i am still alive :) this is not meant to trigger anyone. But if you have a traumatic story which you want to talk about/share, go ahead.
What is your most traumatic childhood memory?
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