About counselling and therapy?

hi i am thinking of going for a counselling session but I'm really nervous and I don't know how it works do we sit and look for solutions to my problems? what am i supposed to share and what i am not and i want to get a whole diagnosis done , how do i go about that? i have symptoms of bipolar , eating disorder and ptsd. i wanna get diagnosed as soon as possible i don't wanna come off as trying to look cool by using mental health nor do i wanna play a victim, i genuinely think i need help but i don't know how i should go about that , can anyone here tell me what i shoupd expect going into counselling and how do i get myself diagnosed of any disorder?

also what should i be careful about going into that atmosphere
my mom actually needed therapy but they told her to go to a psychiatrist and they just gave her some sleeping pills. no talking no therapy nthg i don't wanna mess up like this i wanna know what i need to do for myself and what is happening to me...
About counselling and therapy?
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