At what age did you move out from parents & begin your life?

I’ll be 23 in 3 months & recently I been feeling different like desiring new life, I been desiring focus more & work harder on my small business, get my car finally & be more & more independent. I live with my mom in her friends rented shared room. She wants buy home in few months in very far city. I plan stay here in the city as my life is here. I want rent augsut a small room make it into my business office. I currently have my office cramped in the corner no space 2 model the clothes, can’t have my studio lights camera, no place hang & store my clothes I sell, no privacy, it’s Disaster on my desk cramped. I want soon maybe life with my boyfriend too. Weekly I’m with parents with dad giving me rides & mom gets angry how I want business office says I’m stupid no future, mom only wants me live in her home to pay the rent yet I’m unhappy as I’m getting older I always desired hav my own place live & be in my bfs life with his family & my family come to my home for Christmas Thanksgiving. I got tired all these years following my brother with his girlfriend & wife forever to their family events & no one payed attention to me or see me as business women. I have no contact with my brother & wife anymore as wife only uses brothers money & spends daily & has big ego now & fought with me for soemthing stupid. I lost contact with them & they didn’t understand me & they got angry I worked on my business & got angry I had anxiety & sick. They just changed have big ego now. They don’t feel like my family any longer. Now I work daily on my business go do errands for my business happy & getting my car & I want my own life now. But parents don’t get I’m not child I can’t be following mom forever or in rides from dad forever I’m an adult woman
At what age did you move out from parents & begin your life?
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