Dear Doctors/Anyone With Medical Experience?

I have had a real problem with hair loss for the last few months now.
I have been diagnosed with low iron levels and have been prescribed iron tablets 3x a day, but a month later they seem to be making no difference to the hair loss
I started taking a general multivitamin when this started (Centrum Fruity Chewables), but that also seems to have made little difference. I take that combined with my iron supplements (pharmacy assured me it was okay to take both)
I recently bought a hair vitamin (Super Hair from Holland and Barrett) and am curious to see if that would make any difference, however I don’t want to loose any health benefits from taking my general multivitamin. Although I must admit the hair loss is what’s most concerning me at the moment.
If anyone has any insight to this, I would be very grateful. Is it safe to take the two multivitamins together? Or would one work better than the other for my issues?
Dear Doctors/Anyone With Medical Experience?
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