Can anyone explain school sickness?

No I'm not referring to students getting sick and having to stay home. I've been given no choice but to do virtual learning as my mom doesn't want me going to school. This is causing problems as even when schools closed last school year because of the virus I immediately started feeling sick to my stomach. It was like my body couldn't adjust long enough to the work resulting in me doing literally nothing work wise and even dropping the dual credit portion of my science class. Now when me and my counselor were doing my schedule for this year I was put down for dual credit precal. (so we're my friends cuz our teachers are insensitive to our struggling) and I'm ahead of my peers with a certain amount of credits and don't need a math class or electives and really just need English, Latin, history and science but they had to fill my schedule so I'm taking 2 classes I don't need. That being said I can't even do those assignments as I can't focus at home and I do better in a class environment in the first place. My mom got a call from my history teacher because I have missing assignments which she didn't even email me about it and most teachers do. My mom obviously told me about it and I've been waking up feeling sick and unmotivated since and nearly broke down on the phone with my friend. It seems to get worse the longer this progress. I'm just lost.
Can anyone explain school sickness?
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