How can I help my nervosity for new things, READ CAPTION PLSS?

Hyy, well euhm.. i am not the type of person that is nervous/stressed all the time. Not at all. But if something new happens in my life, i don't know how to deal with it. I did went to a psychologist for it.

As an example: I recently have a side job. I have been there 4 times till now. Everytime i get so nervous. I get: stomach pain, nauseous, panicking inside my head, crying, feeling light headed. Because i feel nauseous i always eat less. I try to eat because i need the food, but it's VERY VERY hard. Because of this i almost passed out twice yesterday (at work). And because of that my head started making up more bad scenarios. I literally am TERRIFIED to go back sometimes. It's a feeling which is hard to describe.

At my first day i almost fainted. At my second day i had a 1 hour long breakdown (this made me feel really guilty because it felt like i betrayed my fellow workers. And i also was very embarrassed). The third day i was REALLY nauseous which made me cry. And the 4th day i almost passed out twice. But beside that everything goes great. Everyone there is really kind. But because i seem to only think about the bad things that happened? I make up bad scenarios in my head and they make me overthink.

I also can't stand for longer than 1,5-2 hours. This is pretty sad actually, but my condition became a bit bad since quarentaine (i've been at home for 6 months since my school ended). And sometimes i have a break after 3 hours. I hate to ask my fellow worker if i can sit down for a moment, but i literally have no choice or i would actually pass out.

Do you know anything that might help? Because it just started to get better, but then i almost passed out twice and now im scared for tomorrow :((
How can I help my nervosity for new things, READ CAPTION PLSS?
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