Will I stay pregnant in my case?

Hey everyone this month aprox 2 weeks ago on the exact day of my ovulaation i had an unprotected sex, nothing happened but just in case I took ella within few hours, and this week I had 2 unprotected sex but were so careful again, plus these were out of my fertile period, I have 2 questions:
-Even tho i took Ella within few hours (plus it wasn't needed) on the exact day of my ovulation, will i stay pregnant? Cuz most of the doctors says even on that day it prevents pregnancy mostly, but only a few are like no it won't work, im confused, last year during my fertile circle i usd it again after a real injection inside me and it prevented, and delayed my period for 4 days
-How long wil it take to get my period again, I feel like imma get it soon, still didn't get my period now, its almost 3 days late now
i very much appreciate all your advices and thoughts about it, or if you experienced smthn like that. Thank you :)
Will I stay pregnant in my case?
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