Does having low self esteem make you mistreat others?

I know two disabled people from church and they are both disgusting people with no respect for others and no respect for himself

one guy spent half a penny buying me a postcard during his vacation in a cheaper country and than bugs me over and over saying he bought me a post card during his trip and wanted to meet me at McDonalds to give me the post card he travelled all across the world to buy for me. Than he orders all this expensive food and tells me I have to pay for him cause he forgot to bring money and I realized the post card was crap and worth less than a penny.

And another girl would constantly harass me and force me to talk to her saying she was lonely and than ghost me during conversations to talk to her more popular friends. I took time out of my day to talk to her cause she said she was suicidal and than she waited an hour past the scheduled time to return my call when she asked for help.

I also know people whose disability has made them a much better person but this is less common.

The disabled guy I met at work was an amazing person but we didn’t date because CoVid and job roles separated us.
Does having low self esteem make you mistreat others?
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