Can someone explain this to me?

I have this type of pressure in my forehead between my eyebrows. I usually feel it more when my eyes feel drowsy. I can't exactly describe the feeling but like I said it feels like pressure and it makes me need to tense the muscle between my eyebrows. If im not concentrating on it so much it doesn't bother me. I've noticed also when I drink its a lot more severe.

Sometimes though I have no problem with it at all. If you were to take your finger and press directly between your eyebrows right above the nose and move it up and down and how it kind of tickles thats what it feels like. It kind of feels like a pressure point is being pressed on. It gives me a headache whenever its bad. I've been to the doctors twice for it and they can't really explain it either it sounds like. Anyone ever had or heard of something like this?
Can someone explain this to me?
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