Should I attend this sports event or not due to the virus spread?

Where I live (not in the USA) we stil are havign each day increase of cases for this virus and I knwo that wotn be decreasing anytime soon. The virus still out there and even people with no symptoms could catch it easily. But now many business are re-open but each business has to follow stricktly the hygiene protocols ( washing your hands, cleaning of the surfaces, social distancing , alcohol at the entrance of each bsuiness such as, markets, restaurants, banks, stores, etc) and temperature measure. Likewise the business still is not allowed to receive 100% of customers only 50% of capacity. Only the hotels can receive 100% capacity. Also to visit those place is a MUST you wear a facial mask, other wise you are not allowed to enter the place and of course the responsability lies on each of us as well. to follow the guidelines in order not get ifnected and carry the virus to your love ones at home. Also the governemtn allow to go back to business some sports (not all). Those sports that physical contact is not required and also have to follow the social distancing.

In October there will be a sports event that I do want to go, it is a aerobics special class. Since is not really a disciplene where you have to touch another person or physical contact, you do have to keep your disntace because you sweatand your drops can fall into the other person when you do.

For this special class the organizer said only 50% of people could attend the event at the gym but this gym is more like a ware house I was told is big and I heard that the distance between each other will be 5 meters between the person to the other one and they will follow all the health ministry guidelines.

For that part of following the hygine protocols seem fine. But then Im worried myself about another issue, the exposure to other people who are not in my family bubble, that means liek friends I will run into, at the event. Also since I dont have my own transportation If I go to that
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event I will likely have to take a bus and in a bus the bus is closed and crowded and it is more risky to go by bus rather than a car and I dont want to be exposed by traveling to the event by bus filled with people for about 35 minutes inside the bus wearing a mask, round trip.

It is safer if I go wth someoen who has a car and give me a ride and that I know who will go to the event, like a friend I know or some close acquaitance. But so far I dont have any acquaitance that
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will go to the event who can take me and if I do they dont live close to where I live so they can pick me up at my house with their cars. The other risky thing Im afraid if expose myself knowing i live with my mom who is a elder citizen and if i go by bus or sweat and then could bring the virus home. I will like to go to the event but then Im afraid for those things, as ultimately if I go it will have to be on a public bus that Im sure it be crowded and not by car.

Should I attend this sports event or not due to the virus spread?
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