How can I get hunger and not be underweight?

I’m 22 and 5ft and underweight. I lost weight due to anxiety and choking but now issue is I get stress daily and many days depression. I recently am struggling eat as I have 0 hunger no appetite. I get full very fast with few bites can’t eat huge meal is it cuz my stomach shrunk? I usually eat 3 snacks and 2 shakes and 2 meals a day but today ate poor woke up late. I take long time to eat very slow as I choke daily. I need help like a meal plan daily of same things eat track it down but issue is I hav no hunger and get full with few bites. I told my boyfriend I’m stressed and he is the same also stressed. I can’t eat solid food yet as I’m barely recovering and got new issue this saliva nonstop I spit out and lip sore that hurts. I began drinking 4 days ago a weight gain shake but use half scoop as it’s heavy.
How can I get hunger and not be underweight?
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