What age do most body builders start exercising?

I've started body building about nine months ago, and Im 15 right now. It was because of a class I chose in my school. Everyone else in this class was reeeally good at exercise. I mean way f a r out of my league. I think it's because they started at an earlier age. I regret always staying in the house playing fucking sonic games now. I wasn't really concerned about getting stronger but almost every dude in my classes are a little bit stronger than me. I can barely bench 100 lbs and these kids can bench nearly 200 lbs. Maybe it's because half of them play sports? I don't know. Ever since then, I've been exercising at least four times a week. I don't have any workout equipment so I got creative. I use filled up water jugs as dumbells (I also double up with them). I use the space under a drawer to do crutches, I use small sturdy tables for a bench, and I do my jogging outside. I started body building because I want to get stronger, last longer in physical activity, and become happier. I always know there will be bigger fish in the classes, but holy fuck there's way too many. Im at the bottom of the food chain.
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What age do most body builders start exercising?
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