Why do I have excess saliva hypersalivation/drool?

Since a month ago I began get hypersalivation, spitting out saliva all day each second. It’s so much it builds up fast each second in mouth I spit in cups on floor in Napkins. Doc in emergency room said it’s due to me being very underweight. Supposivly clarentine dries out saliva but it does nothing. I’m still underweight yet I gained few lbs stil the saliva is so bad it makes me gag choke at night so I need mom daily taking care of me at nights yet I’ll be 23 next month. I can’t take it I’m not like all normal people. My regular doctor and other Doctors had no idea what this was and referred me to nose ear specialist but missed the video call as I didn’t connect properly to the video call there was no video wen I went online.
Why do I have excess saliva hypersalivation/drool?
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