What happened to my sleep cycle?

So I just moved into college like, nearly 3 weeks ago and all of my good sleep apparently is still at home. The first few nights I just slept okay, then I had a few nights where I couldn’t sleep until my roommate was back and a few nights where I slept like a baby, but the past week has been just terrible. I’ve been sleeping from 11pm-4am no issue (though it’s usually super light and low quality sleep) but then end up laying around until 6 or 7am until I fall asleep again (again, usually light and poor quality sleep). I feel tired during the day so I usually try and nap (most of the time unsuccessfully). Coming from someone who has never had trouble sleeping before, I’m exceedingly frustrated. I’ve tried earplugs, music, thinking calming thoughts, melatonin before bed, putting away my phone half an hour before bed, keeping a consistent sleep schedule, etc. I’m frustrated.

Is it just that my body doesn’t really need sleep right now? For the first week or so, I was up until 3am doing activities with friends. Now that school has started, though, I’ve been moving around a lot less and spend most of my time studying instead of being active. But I should still need 8-9 hours of sleep, right? Or is it because of anxiety I didn’t know I had about being in a new place and not being comfortable with my surroundings yet? Maybe I’m just broken. Either way, any advice and suggestions I haven’t tried or even just the reassurance that I’m not losing my mind would be great.
What happened to my sleep cycle?
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