Can your doctor be wrong about an STD?

A few months ago my doctor diagnosed me with genital herpes.

i don’t know how it’s possible..
I was sexually active with 2 different women I got checked immediately after being with them, everything came back negative.

Then I made a 2nd appointment to check for STDs. I wanted to donate plasma.

She told me I was positive for genital herpes
I dunno how thats possible, seriously..
They previously came back negative..

I made a 3rd appointment to get a 2nd opinion with a different doctor
everything came back negative but he didn’t test me for Herpes..

I dunno what to do..
I have no symptoms at all..
there’s a tiny little mark on my Penis but it definitely isn’t herpes

it’s like a mole, I can’t even feel it
Yes they can be wrong
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Can your doctor be wrong about an STD?
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