Why the Keto diet had been given a bad reputation in some cases?

I mean in the Keto diet you can't eat carbs (not even those veggies that are full of nutrients and vitamins but since they have sugar they can't eat it) or sugar at all almost zero.
I had hear many nutritionists that your body needs carbs the healthy ones, even sugar (but to the minimum of course not a lot) But tell that to a keto follower and they disagree completely. Also kelo followers do eat lots of fats, for them fat is healthy one, but for other nutritionsits consuming lots of fats is not benefitial either just in moderation.
My sister and her husband are keto followers and they are following the diet one more time again as ithe first time they follow it the lost a ton of weight around 2 years ago but this year they gain the weight back so they just started to program one more time ( is this even healthy?) Today we were having lunch with them and since they are on that diet they di not order anything taht contain carbs no potato, no starchy veggies no rice, m just sea food soup. They did not even order dessert because the desserts on the menu were not keto.

I wonder indeed if they are following the keto diet because thye are complex of themsleves to have gain weigght when they lost it 2 years ago or what. I heard my cousin saying "I wish Im not on this diet so I can eat a dessert. I love to eat that dessert. and my sister responded similar. So it is like a suplice for them to skip foos they enjoy ause they are on a keto diet. That is not a healthy way to follow a diet, m to deprive yourself of food.

There is another crazy lady on facebook I know. She is a physical education instructor and she started this keto program like 2 weeks ago. She has never been fat or overweight but she wans to be thinner. This crazy chick, post almsot everyday the food she eats on this Keto diet (why the need to follow what you eat anyway). She also writes large texts explaining about the keto
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diet. I mean why she needs to justify to the public what she is doing., does he ows them something?

For me better to eat everything and I mean even desserts and carbs in moderation and not over eating, thatn to deprive yourself of food just because you follow a certain diet program. That is not life or enjoy food.
Why the Keto diet had been given a bad reputation in some cases?
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