Am I bulking correctly?

So it’s really my first time bulking cause after quarantine I wanna get back to where I was, and better. So decided to calculate my calorie intake and I followed it. It’s been like 2 weeks and I’ve been getting stronger and slowly getting back to where I was but noticed my weight increasing much more than I expected. I’m bulking very cleanly (rice, chicken, turkey, healthy snacks, etc).

In 2 weeks I gained about 4-5 pounds. I was expecting to gain at most 1 pound a week; I gained like 10 pounds after quarantine also. Ik it’s a short amount of time but I’m starting to get concerned that I’m gaining a lot of fat also. Should I lower my calories? Or am I gaining this weight drastically bc I started going back to the gym again? Is it maybe bc I’m having too much protein?
Am I bulking correctly?
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