Am fat and gross?

I've never been super skinny, but i have been about average till i hit my 20s and i got some pudge, but this year i really gained some weight like never before (I lost my job and kinda got some bad habits like getting lazy and eating a bit too much sometimes), but I saw this pic of myself at this waterfall i went to with my friends and I just think I look really gross and fat in this pic. what do you all think? (Sorry for the fuzziness my friend can't hold a camera still for the life of her)
my belly is just starting to hang even when Im standing up!
my belly is just starting to hang even when I'm standing up!
and sitting...
and sitting...
You still look hot girl dont sweat it!
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meh you look ok i guess
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you look look kinda chubby I'd be careful with gaining anymore
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you look really unhealthy and gross. LOSE SOME WEIGHT NOW!
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Am fat and gross?
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