I need advice on what to do?

I'm taking my dog in Wednesday to get checked out, and I'm planning on getting his teeth cleaned I'm saving up for it. he is on medication for a UTI.

he has very nasty tartar on there, I feel horrible. he's half paralyzed also. I take care of him, but obviously not doing good enough because he gets UTI'S a lot. I don't know man, I'm a shitty dog mom. they will probably turn me in for this.. or charge me? with leaving his teeth like this? I've been giving him bones. I feel so bad, I've neglected this part but I'm saving up for it. Its gonna cost a lot but I know for a fact they would do an amazing job at it. They just know him from me taking him out there. And they were so nice to give me a wheelchair when he first became paralyzed so I wanna support them.
I need advice on what to do?
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