What diet can a 14 year old take to lose weight?

I am not considered obese but chubby. My mum says that its fine to be chubby but its not in high school. Mean kids will put you in the stereotype that your that fat girl who eats every chance you get, Yes I love my food, but I do take into consideration how much I'm consuming. Something else that bothers me other than that is people think you are unclean and disgusting when your big and that's exactly how they think about me, They call me a pig and fattie and also poke and make fun of me. I honestly had enough of wearing oversized clothes to hide my stomach or coming home from school and trying not to cry when my family ask how it was. All four of my sibling are skinny like both my mum and dad so I don't know why I'm a big boned chubby person. I'm considering taking a diet since working out does nothing but build muscle in my fat making it look bigger than it already is, so please anyone give me a diet plan I could take
What diet can a 14 year old take to lose weight?
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