Are you socializing already even if virus cases are increasing in your countries?

or are they decreasing? But even if you socialize you follow always the hygiene protocols

In my countri most business are already re-opened but those business need to follow cleaning protocols and customers need to follow them as well. For instance wearing facial mask at indoor places is an obligation, no excuse not to wear them, only when you eat at a place you can take it off. Also there has to be social distance places at the business too where I live and try to go out with your social intimate bubble is another recommendation given by the Government to try to still obbey it.

Another is that only 50% of clients capacity are permitted in restaurants or stores and last have sanitizing tools in the business too. Those are some of the instructions business need to follow in order to operate. But we still have cases and the lockdown or quarantine rule well most people are not following it very strict anymore cause people need to go out and work and socialize and do errands but you can do all fo that only if you are responsible for your own safety like following the protocols procedures I mentioned. Overall the message givein by our Prteosdent and Health Ministyr is try still not to go out ONLY if it is totally necessary and remember that you are exposed out there and you are the one bringing the virus home to your love ones and remember the person with high risk factors (age, cancer patients, diabetic, high pressure patients, obesity or any other health condition) if you live with someone of that condition when you go out.

Where I live friends are already gatheringand going out to trips and socialize but just a few among them not a a lot of people, but between friends they do not wear facial masks still cause they beleive they are not going to catch the virus from theri friends who at the same time follow the protocols always.
Are you socializing already even if virus cases are increasing in your countries?
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