Do you have a split personality disorder?

I have a split personality disorder because I suffered from repetitive physical and emotional abuse in my childhood and childhood trauma as a result of abuse.

I just realised this today when someone asked me if I am possessed by something because he noticed my extreme mood swings like one minute really happy and another minute really frustrated.

And it's a South Asian thing to think someone is possessed by a jinn if they suffer from mental health issues.

My parents used to think I am possessed by a jinn every time I answered back and mom thought full moon was a bad omen.

South Asian parents don't understand how hormones are affecting their teenage daughter's mood swings.

Hormones make teenage daughters bitchy and causes them to have infatuation but in South Asian culture, just having a crush on that cute boy makes a girl "characterless" and can even cause honour killings.

And most honour killings involve teenage girls, whose hormones were playing up.

They don't understand it's the hormones not the girl or a jinn. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

My mom thought it's full moon that's causing tantrums because moon cycle and menstrual cycle both have 28 days.🀣
Do you have a split personality disorder?
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