Does anyone understand this?

Just to be clear I'm over this on the day this happened.

Anyway me and my boyfriend broke up (mutually) as he only saw me as a friend for the past 3 weeks and didn't tell me but I noticed his lack of interest in literally everything I say so I wasn't hurt or anything, that's besides the point though cuz there is still one thing I don't understand about people like this, why completely disregard your own emotions to the point where you contradict yourself and at that point seem like a pathological liar? Why make the world seem entirely out of reach from you when in reality you aren't that messed up or hard to understand?

I'm genuinely confused and of the almost full year of being with this guy it just now clicks that this is something that he's not going to be willing to change. He has to practically force his emotions, when taking it from a logical point if you go through something traumatic it'd be hard to open up with things related to that traumatic event not something entirely different (not related) to that trauma.

This is the second time I've encountered someone like this, the first one being a friend whom graduated 2 years ago and he voided himself of his emotions purposely (for reasons I don't know) but my ex seemed like he was forcing it on himself for no reason even when we'd be in a serious conversation about our emotions he'd still have a hint of emotionless which at that point he'd tell me I don't understand and try dropping the conversation. He understood basic "simple" emotions like happy, sad, anger and love but that was it.

Can I have a serious conversation with someone about this, cause I'm curious.
Does anyone understand this?
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