Mild nosebleed after tonsillectomy?

I just had a tonsillectomy yesterday morning, and they did kept me in the hospital overnight for observation, my doc said its her preference, she operates on Saturday and you're out on Sunday. Every thing went well, i woke up easily, not feeling nauseated, the pain was manageable, i slept during the day, managed to eat some... they brought me fruit yogurt, cream cheese, ice-cream , cherry juice, even bananas but i couldn't really eat more than half... I went to sleep around 11, and woke up at 2 am to use the restroom, i stayed on my phone a bit then trying to sleep again... I called in the nurse around 3 because my nose was a little congested and i had a hard time breathing, she to me to drink water... I tried to wipe my nose, being very careful. But then the u congested nostril started bleeding, i called the nurse again, she had me lay down and looked at my throat, she said it looks fine and it probably will stop soon... It did stop after around a minute or so... A bit later i went again to the toilet and it started again, this time just one or two drops and it stopped. She said we will geta better look in the morning once the doc comes on shift. I am a little worried... I think i should mention, the water they got me was a plastic bottle witha straw, later i read online that straws aren't recommended... But I've been told its fine... I don't know
Mild nosebleed after tonsillectomy?
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