Are you still apprehensive to go out even if we are able to go out and the Corona virus still out there?

I mean in most countries many business are already re-opened right? And people already started to go out and do their normal stuff like they use to do before the crissi began, only that this time you are doing it with wearing a mask, keeping social distancing, washing your hands,, not being around crowds but even so you are going out to do your normal chores and errands. Even if you follow all the hygiene protocols, are you still apprehensive that you may catch the virus so you are always out there behaving in doubt.

Or you are not going out that much cause in your respective cities, cases are increasing again and again the government had issue lockdowns and quarantines again?

Last week I did something I stopped doing it when pandemic started in my country in March. In March in myc ountry the pandemic started and until last week I gathered with some aunts and cousins cause I took a local road trip with them with my mom (even if they were not directly belong to my family immediate bubble) but we were just like 10 people (all relatives, not strangers) that we gathered inside a house, not in a public place but even inside the house we wer not wearing masks anyway it be uncomfortable to wear masks inside the house but we were a few people anyway and we even were close to each other, we did not follow any disntace inside a house. The only time we follow the hygiene protocols was when any of us had to go out to run errands at a supermarket or any other public place with strangers but once we return to the house, we took the mask off and wash our hands. One of the relatives who invited me and mom to this local trip wokred inside a lab of a public hospital so she is aware of this virus and the patients getting it. She believes the virus can be contain easily just by washing the hands, wearing a mask once you are out of your house and in a public place,
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keep your distance and avoid big crowds and parties with many people. Those are the important steps she , who works inside a lab with a risk of catching a virus at a hospital, told me, people has to follow and nothing else.

Four easy steps taht anyone can do it, but many people hate to do it, I dont know why if those things are so easy to follow. The reason she was not worried she was with me, my mom , her family of 4 and just 3 more relatives in the family house in this local trip,
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We were not that many people, even if we were not fo the same bubble. So people should not be taht worried if they follow those easy steps once they are outside doing their normal everyday stuff. If they dont follow them, then be worried she told me.
Are you still apprehensive to go out even if we are able to go out and the Corona virus still out there?
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