If I have autism then why do I like change and prefer no routine?

Im keeping this short, if I don't, I'll end up overexplaining.
I got diagnosed as autistic when I was 6, my whole life, my mum has put my embarassing melt down stories on facebook and everytime I did anything, she would blame it on my "autism" It was quite toxic ngl, but thats what happens when your mum is a karen and yells at maccas 24/7.. anyway, long story short, I was always a strange kid, went from class clown to anxious wreck due to this learning disability, lost a lot of friends and did weird sht.
However, whenever I read what autistic traits were, I displayed hardly any.. I got distracted easily, and was terrible at school subjects (especially maths), I also didn't like some noises, but got over that, and I was bad at reading people, but to be fair so was everyone else my age.
I learnt over time through several sources how to read others body language (now Im a bit obsessed with it, which is another autistic trait I have, obsessions.)

However, point is, autistic people are known to strongly dislike new changes, and to love routine, I can't stand the same thing over and over and don't mind new change. I dealt with quarantine and going back to school and back to quarantine pretty fine. I dealt with moving schools fine as well. And I have like 200 hobbies that change everyday. I actually think I may have been misdiagnosed and have adhd instead, what do you guys think?
If I have autism then why do I like change and prefer no routine?
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