There's a sunken pimple in my armpit?

its so hard to explain but ill try... i shaved my armpits and in my left armpit there's this red pimple. from my point of view, i can say that there's one hair inside it because such pimples happen after shaving you know... this pimple is as big as a grain of red lentil and i can't squeeze it. if it was on my face i could use both hands to squeeze the white fluid out of the pimple but since it is in my armpit, one hand isn't enough... i have been applying cream since yesterday but it doesn't help. it started to hurt. i should get rid of it because as long as the hair is inside the pimple, that one "red lentil" won't go away. :/ is there any way to help me?
There's a sunken pimple in my armpit?
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