Am I delusional?

Im in the process of being confirmed with mental health problems, mainly depression and anxiety. Now I've struggled with my home life quite a lot over the years, my older brother being the main cause of it (in my opinion) when I was a teenager if I didn't do what my mum or him asked me to do or if I took too long to stop watching videos to go and do what they asked he'd come over and hit me and push his whole weight onto me, used to mainly get punches on my arms but I did also get hit over the head by him a few times. Also my main trigger for anxiety/depression is my brother just always being annoying, belittling me, telling me what to do, being domineering and just in general lowering my self worth, which when all this happens to me I start getting angry, upset and start shouting which then paints me out as the bad one and not my brother.
Also just as a general conversation we were having he's claiming there's a song i used to like (royals by lorde) which isn't true the first song of hers i liked was (green light) when in fact it was my brother who used to like it (royals by lorde) and he then goes on to say im looby, not right in the head and I can't go round saying shit that isn't true.
Just a side note I have a good memory by remembering dates and other little things that happen so my memory is quite good.
Can anyone please help? Im very distressed at the moment
Am I delusional?
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