Do we really need to be very fearful for COVID-19?

I do believe the virus exist and it is not like a common flu like many many people believe it so. It is more complicated and serious thatn just a common cold or flu. This virus get to places very far and deep in the lungs that a common cold do not even reach, a friend who is a doctor told me the reason this virus is new and more complicated and also due to the fast way to infect many people at the same time, something that a common cold or flu do not do i mean for the fastest way.

But then we have the means to get rid of it, easy way to get rid of it progressively, such as washing your hands, social distancing, avoid big crowds, avoid hugs, kisses to people Easy way that for many people are hard to follow ( Beats me why so easy steps are hard to follow for many people). Here also we need to take care of our love ones and people with high risk factors.

Now economy needs to mvoe on and people need still to work to earn money and take money to home but in order to do so and still contain the virus or let the virus fade slowly by itself people who go outside need to follow those easy hiygiene protocols SO yes, it is a risk we all take once we go outside but do we really need to be this fearful once we are outside even if we follow all the hygiene protocols cause even by doing so we could even be infected?

Ii mean people have to go otuside to run errands and do other type of errands that can't be done from home so u have to go out but you follow all protocols, Do u need to be fearful?

For example today I gather wth some friends after 10 months of not seeing each other. But we went to have some drinks at a bar that was practically empty there were no more people inside, just my 6 friends in a private room at the bar, so we were not inside a crowd at the bar and we were just 6 friends only sitting in a table noone else in the bar. The waitress did wear a facial mask but we did not cause we were drinking and eating the whole time anyway. We took
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a picture wearing the mask but for the photo we were one next to the other one. Even one of my f riends told us she had the Virus but back in August but she no longer has it and she was back to work when the virus was no longer in her system in September

I knwo everyone int he world is still at risk as a effective vaccine is not in the horizon yet but people need to go outside for different reasons, we just can't stay lockdown forever. I mean my sister gets upset at me when I go out cause she
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believes I dont care for our elder mom. I mean if I go outside I do follow protocols My sister is very fearful of this virus so much and keeps reminding me and my brotehr like 100 times each day lol!! that do not go out for mom sake. I mean we have to go out to do things. She tells us not to see or meet friends or other relatives who are outside my bubble at restaurants even if all of us wear masks, she tells me not gather until the vaccine is there even if it takes like 2 years to see relatives
Do we really need to be very fearful for COVID-19?
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