Are you exercising now even with the virus still out there?

I mean are you going to the gyms but you follow all the hygiene protocols of course. Or you are still afraid you will catch the virus inside the gym even if u follow the protocols and you rather be lockdown at home working in your house?

Exercise is a good way to keep your inmmune system better and now gyms are re opened already. Some still work from home others are going to the gyms again and they follow the protocols.

My sister is very afraid of this virus and she even is mad I again going back to the gym again to exercise.. She is not ging to h er gym cause she still is afraid but she is not even working out from her house either but she tells me not to go cause the crowded place, not washing my hand not wearing a mask. etc. My sister is married. She is afraid beause I live with my mom and she is an elder person and im the one at risk each time I go outside. I mean i can't be lockdown at home 24/7. So far and I give God thanks for it, the only high risk factor my mom has is her age but she does not ahve any other condition. SHe is vaccinated from the influenza and one month ago she took alittle pill for her defenses and that pill is taken each 6 months just as a precaution already and she is not going out to crowds or anything with a lot of people either she stays home as much as possible. When she goes out it is in my brothers car and we take soem locak small ride there so she at least goes out of the house but she stays in the car.

Of course my brother and I are the ones at risk cause we have to go out and run errands and do some other house stuff. So well my sister insist my brothre and I try not to go out if we can. My sister is concern for our mom not us cause we are younger. The reaosn my sistert told me some weeks ago do not go to the gym do not be around people.

I know what I h ave to do im adult and I know my responsability, my sister believes we at home do not follow hygiene protocols and treat my brotehr and I like little kids reminding us
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time how to follow the protocols. The gym issue in my case when I go I dont even touch anything I dont even use machines at all, cause I dont do machine exercises at all. My exercise are like group classes like dance classes and I dotn touch other people around me, of course we sweat is normal, but inside the gym we have to wear masks. The group class we pay the instructor so they can give their classes, we are helping them having still a job and in exchange we try to keep our selves healthy
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by working out. My sister do not understand taht cause she believes im cathcing the virus each time I go to the gym and infect our mom. Well I had been going to the gym for one month nad I thank God I have not catch the virus. I mean the people who attend the gym with me im sure they dont have the virus either and much less the instructors otherwise they cannot even enter the gym even with a common cold they are allowed to enter the gym.
Are you exercising now even with the virus still out there?
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