Can we remove the negative image of mental health?

So personally, I have BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder and to many people when they hear that they imagine a person smiling at you one second then, trying to rip your face of the next. I can happily say I have never ripped anyone's face off. But I do have moments of impulse, I have insomnia because of it and I used to also have an eating disorder, but I'm still a functioning member of society.

However, I have seen people say things like, "oh I would never date anyone with mental issues" or "oh these disorders are for crazy people". First of all, no good doctor uses the words "crazy" thus I don't use the word myself and two, the reality is more than half of Americans have 1 or 2 untreated mental disorders and you may not know about it. So you can only imagine how many people do worldwide.

I'm not shy when it comes to talking about my disorder, I enjoy educating people about mental health, but I really have to ask when are we going to get over the idea that people with depression are lazy or mental issues are just a woman thing, (technically, more men suffer from depression than women, which is why the male suicide rates are so high). Or even the idea that only people with disorders need therapy... everyone should try therapy it's great for your mental health and that could always be better :)

I would really like to know; do you have a mental illness, do you think you have a mental illness and what do you think about them?

*Also please keep it respectful becuase some people do get trigger easily, I would like to have a calm, friendly discussion
** And before someone says you have no qualification to talk about this; ;) I'm almost done with a BA in forensic psychology then I'm getting a master's after I'm more qualified than most of the internet doctors I see on here 🙄
Can we remove the negative image of mental health?
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